Calle Ocho Restaurant

Executive Chef Jorge Adriazola


Jorge Adriazola, or “Georgie” to his family and friends, is the grandson of a first Generation Italian born in Callao, Peru. As a child in Peru, meals were the highlight of his family’s days. His Mother taught him about local foods and cooking for these daily meals. Sundays belonged to his grandfather, however. Often starting his Sunday meals 48 hours in advance, he employed all three of his grandsons in the kitchen, creating elaborate spreads for the weekly family reunions. As a result, a fabulous fusion of European and South American foods emerged. The knowledge from Jorge’s childhood formed the foundation for the creativity he displays today.

After moving to New York in December of 1980, he graduated from the Borough of Manhattan Community College with an Associates Degree in Business. While he was attending school, he was working in restaurants in various roles, the first of which was at a Hebrew International Restaurant at the diamond district (47th St.). At this time, cooking was simply a hobby, no more, something he loved to do which put him through school. It wasn’t until after graduating that he realized he was already being paid to do what he loved, and could incorporate his newly acquired business, accounting and computer skills to a culinary career.

In the early 1980’s, Jorge worked as a cook in several South American restaurants in Queens. From there he moved to Manhattan and was hired by ARK Restaurants group, beginning at The Saloon as a prep person and moving up to Sous Chef within two years. He was offered a position on ARK’s New restaurant Training Team, and assisted in the training of many new kitchen staffs for them.

In 1994, Jorge was part of Douglas Rodriguez’s opening team with Patria Restaurant, and after one year and half became a Sous Chef. He was brought to Puerto Rico for Chef Douglas’s new adventure “Aquarela: in Old San Juan. He was there for 3 weeks, supervising the whole kitchen. As part of Mr. Rodriguez, Georgie was called to attend and worked for many functions in New York, as well as other cities and some international events.

In 1998, he moved on to become the Chef of L-Ray. Again he was called on by Mr. Rodriguez to assist in the opening of his new restaurant Chicama in 1999. He remained there for 6 months, until he was offered a position of Executive Chef at Calle Ocho.

Calle Ocho’s menu reflected the mixed history of Jorge’s childhood and adult training in the Culinary Arts. When asked what makes his food distinctive, the answer is simple: he is fearless in his experimentation with spices, wines and use of fresh, seasonal produce, and as a result his dishes are bold, flavorful and unique. His menus change depending on what he has seen in the grocery store or market while shopping for himself at home. He loves nothing more than presenting a new dish to his “been-there, ate-that staff” and seeing their surprised delight at his creation.

In 2003, Jorge moved back to Chicama and Pipa as Executive Chef, position he held for a year; then he moved to Sushi Samba 7th. Ave.. As Executive Chef he was responsible for all seasonal changes, as well as daily specials. Jorge went to numerous events and travel to other Sushi Samba locations. 7th Avenue location is one of the busiest locations with revenue over 10 millions dollars a year.

After 2 years and half, Mr. Adriazola decided to adventure in another avenue of the business, consultant. He has been hired as consultant for more than 14 different restaurants in New York City.

“Luz” in Brooklyn; “Rancho” in upper west side Manhattan; “Coco Rumba” in Mont kisko; “809”, “MamaJuana”, ”Altus”, ”Agave” and “MamaSushi” in Inwood; “Agozar” in East Village; “Fuego” in lower East side, “Avenida” in Greenwich, “Cienega” in New Rochelle and “Son Cubano” in west New York, NJ. But he has always considered “Luz” as the little engine that could, and have been running the kitchen over 9 years.

But “Luz”, has been always his “Baby”; as he calls it “The Little Engine That Could”. Georgie has been working as a part time/consulting Chef since 2005. Three months after “Luz” opened its doors.

“Cooking is my passion, there is more than food on a plate, there are many lives, dreams, careers, backgrounds, traditions, ambitions, sacrifices and hard dedicated people that love their work”. “Food from the Heart” and let’s keep on cooking!!!!!